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Icons, schmycons.

Lazy Turtle Icons
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What is this place?!
This is primarily bookworm04's icon posting spot. However, I made it a community, so if you would like to post your icons here, I'd love it! Just join and post.

Tag List || Resources Post

Lord of the Rings|| Harry Potter || Stargate SG1 || Stargate Atlantis || Dr. Who || Newsies || Freaks and Geeks|| ...and some other random stuff.


Spoilers under a cut, with a warning above the cut.

Anything not suitable for minors under a cut, warning above the cut.
No hotlinking to icons you've taken from here or elsewhere. Photobucket is a good site for image hosting. 

Comments are right up there in with free herbal tea and puppies. Dispense at will. =D

Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Members, if you have resources, like screencap sites, brush sites, or tutorials that you've used, let me know so I can credit them under the resources section for your name!
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